Lock Stock and Sparrow

Whitecross Road Part 1

Sorry that there has been a bit of a break in the Lock Stock blog. I have been spending an unexpected amount of time recently in Bristol with a poorly little bird or LB as we call her. She is a bright star and has an inner strength to marvel at. I bought her this card when she first started senior school…the words may have offered her reassurance but i really needn’t have worried as she is all of these things and more.

be bold

Although a few rough weeks have passed, what I have enjoyed about my time in Bristol is walking past all of the independent shops with their curious, well presented windows and fantastic fascias of the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter. These days I seem to be able to attribute almost any colour to a Chalk Paint colour or variation of! It was great to see an Emperors Silk in there amongst the old whites, graphites and rough cut wood finishes. I particularly love this sign on the Makers shop. Sounding very townie but only in a city would you have a Japanese kimono and 2 violin shops in the same stretch….gorgeous! There is certainly a very different feel to city life. I felt part of something being in Bristol, even getting the bus in and back had a certain charm (although i can’t say the same for some of my fellow passengers!). Sitting in Zero Degrees having lunch one day, I had a fantastic view of the Christmas Steps (and some really good gnocchi). There is something magical and very Dickensian about that view that makes me feel like i could be transported through time, pre concrete jungle and men in high vis jackets!

makers-shop4    christmas steps     xmas steps old

There is a reason why i have started to pay so much attention to the front of shops which has been revealed very recently which is that Lock Stock and Sparrow are moving! See Part 2 for the nitty gritty so far!!!