Lock Stock and Sparrow

Scandinavian Heaven

Well, this is finally the cold crisp weather I so longed for at Christmas. Scraping the windscreen, watching your footing, seeing your breath and most impressive of all, bright, clear, starry skies at night. I hope all of you with a real fire are contemplating your wood pile?! For Christmas Mike was given 2 presents to prepare him well for this most important of activities.

mike axe Norwegian-Wood-Chopping I bought this very cheeky little axe from Karesuando Kniven from Outdoors and Active in Weston-super-Mare knowing that Mike would love it but also haven got a little bit excited about it myself! If you are this way inclined, the owners were fantastic in helping me choose this and even showed me some great pictures of their trip to Norway! I have always had a hankering for Scandinavia but after that, i want to go even more!

 I have fallen in love with Scandinavian folk art. The visual impact of the bright colours and repeat patterns seem to speak to me and I have been experimenting with making some pictures of my own. It is still a work in progress and when something looks very simple but actually really isn’t, you know you’re onto a good thing.

There is another way to achieve a Scandinavian look without having to become an ace artist. Annie Sloan has produced her own range of Stencils that come in a variety of patterns, some with a very Scandi feel. I have bought myself the stencils below and am looking forward to experimenting with them. I anticipate that in the coming months we will be offering these and more fantastic Annie Sloan products at the new look Lock Stock and Sparrow!!!

Annie Sloan - Trees         Annie Sloan - Sand Dollar Annie Sloan - Petrushka