Lock Stock and Sparrow

Blue Christmas

Blue doesn’t make me feel blue, it is one of my favourite colours. Some people may think that blue is a cold colour but I find that dark blue in particular can evoke feelings of richness and add a touch of drama.  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan comes in a whole range of blues from lighter Louis and Duck Egg blue to my (Sparrow) all time favourite Napoleonic blue, whilst Lock favours Aubusson blue.

Nap blueAubusson blue tallboy

Picture 1 – Napoleonic blue sideboard with dark wax

Picture 2 – Aubusson blue tallboy with reclaimed pine top


These pieces will certainly make a statement in any room and the best thing is nobody else will have one as they are all one off’s!

I love a splash of pink with a dark blue. I painted my own wardrobe in Napoleonic blue but first covered the edges in Emperors Silk. If you paint a piece of furniture in two colours, sealing the first colour with wax, you can rub the top colour back to the bottom colour with a wet sponge.

warbrobe 2 wardrobe 1 warbrobe 3

This effect really changes the feeling of a piece and allows you to use two fabulous colours rather than just one! You can pick contrasting, complimentary or lighter/darker versions of the same colour.

If you are concerned that a lighter blue may be cold or even too bright, try applying a dark wax on top of the clear wax. It tones down the colour and also gives it a more aged appearance.

Drawer shelf    Duck egg blue    Louis blue    Provence

Provence                    Duck Egg                                 Hand mix                         Provence with dark wax

antibes swatch nap blue swatch

My next mission is to get Mike to try Napoleonic blue (top) and Antibes green (bottom) together. I think that the two together will make a great statement piece. Now just to find the right bit of furniture….



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